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    Derma Roller

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    The Derma Roller, also known as a microneedling tool, works by creating tiny punctures on the surface of the skin. These punctures are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye, but they are enough to stimulate the skin's natural healing process.

    When the skin is punctured, it triggers the production of collagen and elastin, which are proteins that help to support the structure of the skin. Collagen and elastin are essential for keeping the skin firm, plump, and smooth.

    Used for:

    1. Improve the appearance of scars, and overall facial rejuvenation.

    2. Decrease wrinkles and fine lines.

    3.The precise focus of the problem (glabellum, wrinkles, scarring).

    4.Shrink pores.

    How to use microneedle derma roller kit ?

    Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel.
    2. Clean the head of Derma Roller with alcohol; (fill a small cup and submerge roller head for 5 minutes).
    3. Does not force the facial roller on to your skin, only apply mild pressure.
    Apply your serum to keep your skin moist when rolling. 
    (We recommend a simple hyaluronic acid)
    Roll the Derma Roller up-down, left-right and in diagonal motions 4 to 8 times each area.

    After rolling the needle, use a face cream or serum. We recommend Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C.

    How to clean your Derma Roller?

    Rinse needle roller in warm water.
    2. Sanitize with alcohol and let it air dry.
    3. After cleaning your derma roller, place in the storage that is provided.

    Safety Warnings:
    The Derma roller is for personal use only. Do not share. Do not use roller on infected or irritated skin. Always store this face roller out of reach of children.

    We ship worldwide, so please check shipping times to your country, in our 'Shipping Policy' below, before placing your order.

    Derma Roller

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 44 reviews

    Seeing results already, its been only 3 days!! It def works, I just need to remain consistent, but I am ecstatic that I can see an improvement in my skin already!! Thank you!!

    Cathryn S.

    My skin has improved immensely with this. I use it every other day, and it stings a little but after five minutes I don't feel anything. My skin the next morning looks so plump and fresh. I am amazed how this works so well, I will keep to my routine and hope these fine lines will disappear soon as well!!

    Chantelle Y.

    I haven't tried it yet but it feels good quality. Arrived in perfect condition and very well protected.

    Beverly K.

    A+ fast shipping. Packed nicely. Superb quality, and doesn't feel painful, just tingles. Love the case to keep it clean and protected. Very satisfied with this, thank you!!

    Jen P.

    Delighted with this roller. I was going to pay at a clinic £100's for my hyperpigmentation, and I am so glad I found this. My skin has transformed using this 3 times a week. It does require some time, which I don't mind as I know its working. I can assure you it is not painful, just feels like tiny pricks, and it doesnt last. I am so so so happy with the results so far, and I urge all of you guys to try this and see just how rejuvenated your skin will feel!! Thank you!


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